Sociometor™ is a social analytics module knowing customer preferences/issues/behaviour.

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About Sociometor

Sociometor is a social analytics module of Bigdator by which you can perform social media analytics, listening to social media and track success of social media campaigns.


    Sentiment analysis

    Intent analysis

    Trend analysis

    Keyword analysis

    Identifying topics in trend

    Use cases:

    Social media listening

    Attending to customers on social media

    Social media campaign success

    Competition tracking

    Social media analytics – Dashboards and analysis

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Case Study


Social media analytics for social media listening


    Client: A Large Asset Management company in the Private sector

Product & Approach

    The Marketing team wanted to have an ongoing engagement strategy for their customer on the social media portals on an ongoing basis. They also wanted to do social media listening. The Sociometor does social media analytics and scrapes comments on posts or otherwise.

    The Client also gets an analysis of sentiment, intent, topics, word cloud etc

Outcome & Benefit

    The Asset Management Company is now able to track competition analysis on social media portals and is responding to all the comments based on the intent and sentiments of all comments.

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