Newsrator™ is a news analytics module of Bigdator which performs analysis on news, articles, blogs using third party & own APIs across the global websites.


News Curator is a service providing Curated & Customized Newsletter after sourcing news from various public websites based on subscribers chose topics.

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About News Curator

News Curator is a service providing Curated & Customized Newsletter after sourcing news from various public websites based on subscribers chose topics. It is a service module within our Newsrator module of Bigdator product which is a repository of all the curated news stored in its product dashboard.

News Curator comes packaged with AI & ML generated summaries and analysis on sentiment, news classification & keywords etc making it a smart & relevant newsletter for everyone. Organisations can offer this curated product & service to its employees, partners or Customers for tracking global & domestic news & information on their chosen topics.

    News Curator Output and Analytics:

    News shown in the Newsletter in brief & readable in full from the original website

    Summarisation of news to make it a quick read through Machine Learning

    Sentiment analysis to gauge the overall mood/tonality of the particular news

    Sentiment analysis

    Keywords analysis to pick up key words from that article

    News classification like General news, Stock market news, Financial news etc

    Use cases:

    Customer Engagement: Daily Curated Newsletter to Customers will ensure your Customers read what they are used to reading or is of their interest rather than junk or irrelevant news

    Business updates: Your customers will benefit a lot by getting news pertaining to their own business, trade, competition, Industry scenario etc

    Products teams update: Product related news for updates on happenings /launches in the Industry for any Organisations Product teams

    Sales Teams updates: Organisation which want their sales team member to know about their Customer’s portfolio news/Sectors/awareness/education on Topics/sectors etc

    Competition tracking: Organisations who want their teams to be able to track news on competition strategy and want to plan strategies based on the news

    Funding/M & A News: Teams of Companies which are interested in News around probable M & As, Fund raising, wealth generation to capture them as potential customers

    Market developments: Any Organisation which wants to track News on any new services & product launches, Pricing strategies, Events etc

    Financial Markets Use cases: For Financial Markets people like Fund Managers, Treasury guys who want to tracking company, sector, people, topics news

    People movements: News on hiring, people movement, role people strategies etc useful for HR & Business heads in Organisations

    Credit portfolio monitoring: Tracking companies, Sectors news for any Early warning signals for Banks & Finance companies credit teams

Case Study


News analytics for credit portfolio monitoring


    Client: A large Private sector Bank with a large lending portfolio

Product & Aprroach

    The client wanted to monitor its Customers, Industry & related Topics news to keep a tab on its lending portfolio. Newsrator curates news from third party APIs & its own sources.

    The news is then processed, summarised, sentimental & intent models gets created to show the news analysis.

Outcome & Benefit

    The news flowing and the Early warning signals from the news thus flows to respective RMs and portfolio risk team.

    This enables tracking is thus helping the risk team to manage risk and sales team to engage better with its customers.


Client engagement strategy through news analytics


    Client: A Large bank in the Private sector with an established Wealth Management & Business Banking practices

    Objective:: Client engagement strategy through news analytics using Newsrator module of Bigdator

Product & Aprroach

    Product team wanted to build an Engagement strategy for the Relationship management team on an ongoing basis. The Newsrator module of Bigdator which a news analytics tool is meant to extract relevant news, was implemented at the bank. Bigdator’s module Newsrator scrapes News, Articles for the portfolio companies, sectors, topic so interest, people mapped to the RMs.

Outcome & Benefit

    The bank is this able to improve its Client engagement strategy by constant updates, improved RM & Client engagement and increased business through its existing Client base. It performs news summarisation, sentiment analysis, news classification, financial facts summarisation and traces any interesting news and early warning signals for those companies, people etc.

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