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We are living in the world of so much of unstructured data & text around. How does one dejargonise the huge text and get a meaningful analysis?

By using the Bigdator product and its API's, you can perform any kind of text analytics on the go !!!

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About Bigdator

Bigdator is G-Square’s text analytics tool meant to analyse large amount of unstructured data like free-flowing text, news and social media feeds etc. It has three strong use cases of news analytics done by Newsrator, Social media analytics through Sociometor and free flowing text analytics through Textrator.

    Summarize large sets of the data on the go

    Get ML based intent & sentiment analysis

    Topic and keyword analysis

    Extract financial facts analysis

    News extraction & analysis

    Curated newsletters

    Social media listening & analysis

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Bigdator has three modules in the text analytics space - Newsrator, Textrator and Sociometor. Each module can be subscribed as a separate product or APIs or subscribed together as well.

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